Lorraine Kelly is our brand ambassador!

Just 3 years ago we were packing customer orders in our spare room, piling the Royal Mail bags into the back of our car, and driving them to the local post office. When I think about the business back then we were so excited about moving into our first premises, a tiny unit on the Medway City Estate in Kent and getting a Royal Mail collection (I mean - you’ve really made it if you have enough orders that Royal Mail comes and collects from YOU – right?). We’ve since grown our team, our range of ‘must-have’ products, taken our 1 millionth order and are in the process of moving into our brand new, custom built 40,000 sqft. premises. We’ve come a long way.

As proud as we are of all of that and everything we have achieved as a business over the last 3 years, let’s face it, none of that compares to having the fabulous Lorraine Kelly as our brand ambassador! Who would have thought that our small, family-run business could have national treasure Lorraine Kelly as it’s face? We still pinch ourselves regularly!

We are so excited to have Lorraine as a part of our Must Have Ideas family, spreading the word about our innovative ‘must-haves’.  She’s the perfect fit for our fun, family-run business. I remember how excited she was when we first approached her about being our brand ambassador. 

Getting everything ready for launch a couple of weeks ago was incredibly busy but so much fun! Meeting Lorraine was great; she was exactly as she comes across on TV, a fun, down to earth lovely person. Nothing was too much trouble, and she was an absolute delight to work with! She was also thrilled to be working with an all-girls team on the shoot (aren’t we all!)

If you haven’t already you can check out Lorraine’s first edit, Easy Peasy Cleaning, here.

We are so looking forward to continuing to work with Lorraine to bring you the most innovative ‘must-haves’ and to help even more people discover something new!