Hello 2022.

Hello everyone,

Happy new year!

Wow, it's officially 2022…I really can't believe it. I hope you all had the most wonderful Christmas full of festive treats and happy memories! Angus has been loving his new chew toys and is currently snuggled on a pillow after being exhausted from doing zoomies around the house. Although I am sad to be packing the Christmas decorations away, I always enjoy the New Year and have many exciting plans ahead and this year with the help of Must Have Ideas, I have just the things I need to start the year off right!

I am always trying to reduce my food waste so when I saw the Fridge Friend and Fresh Lock Lids, I knew they would be perfect for this. I have been using the Fridge Friend for a few weeks now and have really noticed a difference in how long my fresh food is lasting. Not only has it been extending my foods life, it also banishes bad smells and disinfects the air in the fridge, how clever.

The Fresh Lock Lids have been my favourite! We always have leftovers after our family meals which can sometimes go to waste, however, I have been using these lids on all sorts of containers to keep my leftovers in. What I love about them is that they can stretch up to 3x their size which means no matter what pot I use, there is a cover to fit – no more hunting around for matching lids to containers!

Another fantastic kitchen tool that I can't get enough of is Seal'n'Save. This little gadget creates an airtight and water tight seal which has been so helpful for many things in my home. I have been using it on Angus' dog biscuits so they don't spill out in the cupboard…and to stop his little paws sneaking into them throughout the day! I also love using it to seal my compost bag as the wind always seems to knock it over in the garden; it's definitely a must have we all need!

I have an exciting year ahead and one of the first things I am looking forward to is my next Must Have Ideas shoot. The team always make the day so much fun and it is always great finding out about their new arrivals. I know they are sure to have some new wonderful, unique gadgets coming our way very soon…I wonder if I can guess the fun names of them!

I hope you have a fabulous start to the year and don't forget to take a look at my January Edit 'Lorraine's New Year, New You' where you'll find some of my top picks for 2022.

Take care,