It’s summertime, so take things a little easier…

Hello lovelies, here I am again with my August post.

What with summer holidays, garden get-togethers, visiting friends and family, work, and finishing off a new book, it's so far been a pretty busy month.

It's one thing keeping pace with it all, but there's also needing to keep on top of everything else. You know, all the usual, everyday household chores that never seem to go away. And that's without having kids to keep entertained for the whole duration of the summer break!

Unfortunately, all those chores won't take care of themselves. So, I've picked some of my favourite new ideas for dealing with them in my 'Everyday Easier Edit'. It's a selection I've chosen from all the great products found at Must Have Ideas, all tried and tested to make everyday tasks easier.

One that I've found really useful is 'Bright Ball'. With the very warm weather we've had, I've often needed to wait until quite late in the evenings to walk my dog Angus. Heading out when the ground has cooled enough for his sensitive little paws, means it's close to getting dark when we head back home. I've put a motion-sensing Bright Ball near my back door, so it automatically lights up everything when it sees us coming until we're safely back inside. And if it's dark when we head out, I just grab the easy-to-handle ball out of its cradle and carry it with me as a torch. Though, Angus keeps waiting for me to throw it, thinking it's his new toy ball!

Another idea I've put to good use are 'Space Makers'. The weather's been hot, but it's also been very changeable. Blazing sun to downpours and back to sunshine again in minutes! Which makes it tricky managing the wardrobe. You know, not being able to clear enough space for your summer clothes because you still need warmer items to cope with the ever changing weather. Well I solved the problem with these very clever hangers that tripled my wardrobe space in seconds. In fact, they created so much space I might have to buy some new things to make use of it!

Check these two great ideas out, along with the rest of my picks, in my Everyday Easier Edit.

Whatever you choose to help make your everyday easier, enjoy 25% off anything you order by entering use code EASY25 when checking out. Just a little something from me to help you discover something new.

Have a lovely summer and thanks for reading.