Time to get organised....

Hello lovelies,

January may be over but the colder weather has definitely decided to stay! I have even kept my hat and scarf out just in case any snow decides to show. One of my favourite things to do is go for a walk with Angus and Ruby on a crisp day watching them trying to catch the leaves and roll around the frosted grass. The other day we went on a muddy walk and the two of them loved it!

Over January, I decided to get organised indoors and find practical storage for everything to make every day run more smoothly. Must Have Ideas have a spectacular range of storage solutions which have been perfect for helping me get organised, here’s some of the products I have been loving recently…

Firstly, is the Smart Space Shoe Store. You can never have enough pairs of shoes and finding storage for them can be a struggle! The Smart Space Shoe Store has been perfect as it contains 12 compartments and has kept all my shoes protected and dust free as well as neatly put away. I have a couple of these indoors and slide them under my bed to keep them out of the way. I love that they have a transparent cover making it easy to see what is inside.

The next product that has been wonderful is Store More. These were so helpful when I was putting my summer clothes away to make room for my winter wardrobe! You can store so many garments into each bag and they keep your items protected from everything with their air-tight and water-tight seal. Last month I used them again to store away extra bedding to create more room indoors – they are fabulous!

I have mentioned Battery Buddy in a previous blog but I just can’t get enough of it! I really don’t know how I have lived so long without one. Whenever anyone at home needs new batteries for something, we all know where they are and that they are stored safely rather than loose rolling around the spare drawer. My favourite thing is the battery tester that comes with the case as it is easy to read and means we always know which batteries need to be thrown out.

Lastly are the Smart Space storage boxes. These wonderful, stackable storage boxes have made organising so simple - storing away extra towels has never been easier! There are so many amazing features on these boxes including the transparent windows, access from the top and front and the fact they collapse flat when not is use – how incredible! I have even stored some of Angus’s toys in one so they are neat and tidy whilst he is sleeping.

Have a wonderful February and don’t forget to head over to my latest edit 'Lorraine's Storage Edit' where you will find the rest of my favourite Must Have Ideas storage products!

Take care,