Spring is coming...

Hi everyone,

I can’t believe it is March already! Who else has been enjoying the sunshine that has been out recently? It makes me so excited about the longer days ahead and the flowers soon to blossom now that spring is starting! I love spending time in my garden and knew Must Have Ideas would have just what I needed to start tidying it up a little for the warmer days ahead. The Grow Glove has been my new garden essential as each glove has four digging fingers which means you don’t need to use extra hand tools. They are so comfortable and are made from a really strong material so have kept my hands protected at all times.

Not only have I been tidying the garden, but I also gave my home an early Spring clean last week. One of my absolute favourite cleaning essentials from Must Have Ideas is Nannas Secret. It is truly fabulous, especially on hard surfaces and works as a 3 in 1; cleaning, polishing and protecting the surface where used. The shine it brings is incredible and I absolutely love the lemon scent it leaves!

I find getting rid of dust in those awkward, hard to reach areas indoors such a challenge, which is why I always get my Radi-Wow out for the job. It is perfect for cleaning the tops of cupboards and reaching under the sofa where I normally can’t reach. One of my favourite ways to use the Radi - Wow is inside and behind my radiators as it attracts and traps all the dust and hair so easily with its durable netted yarn fibres.

Washing the floors has become so much easier since using the Magic Mop! It is an amazing self-wringing mop which means I can clean my floors without having to move around a messy, heavy bucket. I also love how quick and easy it is to clean my windows that are up high, as the Magic Mop has an extendable handle. Another amazing thing about it is that is can also be used dry for dusting too!

The house always feels and smells amazing after a deep clean and with all these wonderful products, it never feels like a chore. They also make staying on top of the housework easy as every product is so quick and effortless to use for every day cleaning. I can’t wait to see what new cleaning products Must Have Ideas add to their range throughout the year.

I hope you all enjoy the brighter days and time outside and I will be back next month with my April blog for another catch up!

P.S. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at my March Edit ‘Lorraine's Spring Cleaning Must Haves’ to see my latest selection of Spring cleaning essentials.

Take care,