Store Your Christmas Decorations Properly with Santa’s Storage!

Christmas is only a few days away.. I know, I can’t quite believe it either! This time of year is always filled with fun, festivities, family time and outrageous Christmas jumpers - oh and of course overindulging in festive food! The festive season just seems to pass by so quickly and before we know it, it’s January, and the task of taking down all the wonderful Christmas decorations is upon us; a task that some may look forward to, others find stressful and daunting.

A top tip for storing Christmas decorations is to use purpose-built storage bags and boxes, these not only take the stress out of putting them away, but also keep your beloved decorations organised and protected for many years to come! Our Santa’s Storage range is designed specifically for the safe storage of Christmas trees, ornaments, garlands, wreathes, gift wrapping and Christmas lights.

It’s time to throw away those old lifeless cardboard boxes that you’ve been using to store your decorations in and treat yourself to some purpose-built storage bags and boxes!

The first step in packing away the Christmas decorations is to remove all the ornaments off of the tree and place them into their storage box. This can be stressful when you have cherished ornaments that you want to keep as safe as possible, however with 64 flexible spaces, the Santa’s Storage Bauble Box can adjust to fit ornaments of all shapes and sizes, protecting even the most delicate and fragile ones!

Always struggle remembering what’s in each cardboard box when it comes round to unpacking them? Well, let that be a thing of the past with a bauble box! The Santa’s Storage Bauble Box is see-through, which is especially helpful for those with multiple Christmas trees and themes or those who like to decorate in a certain order. The fold- back lids are also a very handy feature as you can see & select at a glance - decorating your tree will take no time at all with the Santa’s Storage Bauble Box.

Artificial Christmas trees can be quite the challenge when it comes to storing them away. If you are trying to force your tree back into the box it came in, you could end up with damaged branches, broken hinges and many lost needles (nobody wants a bare tree). Santa’s Storage Christmas Tree Bag can make the process quick and simple! With a large capacity, the Santa’s Storage Christmas Tree Bag opens wide to fit even the biggest, bushiest of trees without breaking any branches or prewired lights.

The Santa’s Storage Christmas Tree Bag has handles at both ends, snap-lock straps to ensure your tree is secure and padded shoulder straps to make for safer lifting into your loft. It also protects your tree from moisture and rodents unlike a cardboard box would.

What about your beautiful wreaths and garlands I hear you say? Well there’s also a specifically designed wreath and garland bag, made to keep your festive foliage safe and perfectly shaped, much better than the usual go-to black bin bag! Made out of super-strong, rip-resistant fabric, our Santa’s Storage Wreath and Garland Bag prevents tears and spiking, and even has an all-round zippable fold-back lid for ultimate accessibility. Just open up the zip and hang right away, it really is that easy!

There’s always a high chance that something could get broken or damaged if not stored correctly. Broken bulbs and damaged cables can occur on your Christmas lights if they are not properly protected, which is not only inconvenient but costly to fix or replace. A great tip is to is to wrap your lights around a reel, as this not only keeps them wrapped up tight and secure but also puts a stop to the tedious task of having to untangle wires. The Santa’s Storage Christmas Light Bag makes life so much easier, now I just simply unwind my Christmas lights and they are good to go, no more broken bulbs or wires!

Now this is a game changer when it comes to gift wrapping, a bag that can store not only wrapping paper but also has two large plastic pockets for bows, ribbons, tags, Sellotape or even left-over Christmas cards. I just love how organised the Santa’s Storage Gift Wrap Bag is, no more random rolls of wrapping paper dotted around the house, it has everything you could possibly need to wrap beautiful gifts, all in one place! The Santa’s Storage Gift Wrap Bag holds up to 24 rolls of wrapping paper, prevents fading and thanks to its adjustable straps, tightly secures the rolls of wrapping paper, preventing movement and tearing.

The Santa’s Storage range is made with simplicity and accessibility in mind, designed to make even the most tedious of tasks quick and easy. Santa’s Storage also protects your decorations against dust, dirt, damp and pests. You can rest assured that your decorations will stay safe, shiny and bright for many years to come!

Amy x
Founder, Must Have Ideas Ltd