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Hanger Hero (Metal upgrade)Hanger Hero (Metal upgrade)
Hanger Hero

Triple your wardrobe space in seconds

Pipe Pal PlusPipe Pal Plus
Pipe Pal Plus

Unblock drains in seconds without chemicals

Hygiene HeroHygiene Hero
Hygiene Hero

The antibacterial sponge

Radiator BuddyRadiator Buddy
Radiator Buddy

Clean inside & behind your radiators

Fur Friend (inc. Free Travel Size)Fur Friend (inc. Free Travel Size)
Fur Friend

The last lint brush you'll ever buy

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Fresh Discs (4 Pack)Fresh Discs (4 Pack)
Fresh Discs

Keep food fresher for longer

Open SesameOpen Sesame
Open Sesame

One tool to open it all

Easy-flow Drain Sticks (Buy One Get One Free)Easy-flow Drain Sticks (Buy One Get One Free)
Easy-flow Drain Sticks

Keep your drains clear & odour-free

Fresh Lock Lids (6 Pack)Fresh Lock Lids (6 Pack)
Fresh Lock Lids

Keep food fresh and banish single-use plastic

Handy HooksHandy Hooks
Handy Hooks

Fast, easy & damage free

Hanger Hero for TrousersHanger Hero for Trousers
Hanger Hero for Trousers

The perfect partner for your original Hanger Hero

Click Bright (4 Pack)Click Bright (4 Pack)
Click Bright

Instant colourful light just about anywhere

Mould MagicMould Magic
Mould Magic

Banish mould from your home


No More Wipes: The eco-friendly alternative

Easy Clean 360Easy Clean 360
Easy Clean 360

Take the hard work out of cleaning

Super Scraper (Buy One Get One Free)Super Scraper (Buy One Get One Free)
Super Scraper

An indispensable cleaning companion

Diamond ChefDiamond Chef
Diamond Chef

Healthier cooking. Better taste.


18 Different Positions - Adjusts in seconds to suit YOU!

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Nanna's SecretNanna's Secret
Nanna's Secret

Natural cleaning clay for all hard surfaces

Hands-Free Hero (Buy One Get One Free)Hands-Free Hero (Buy One Get One Free)
Hands-Free Hero

Stop the spread

Pinkredible (10 Pack)Pinkredible (10 Pack)

A Pinkredible solution to stubborn mess

Sheen Shield MaxSheen Shield Max
Sheen Shield Max

Upgrade your iron with Sheen Shield Max

Force Field Max (Buy One Get One Free)Force Field Max (Buy One Get One Free)
Force Field Max

Protect yourself against cyber criminals

Horse Hands (Pair)Horse Hands (Pair)
Horse Hands

2-in-1: pamper & groom your horse