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Open SesameOpen Sesame
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Open Sesame

One tool to open it all

Fresh Discs (4 Pack)Fresh Discs (4 Pack)
Fresh Discs

Keep food fresher for longer

Diamond ChefDiamond Chef
Diamond Chef

Healthier cooking. Better taste.

Fresh Lock Lids (6 Pack)Fresh Lock Lids (6 Pack)
Fresh Lock Lids

Keep food fresh and banish single-use plastic

Smart SlicerSmart Slicer
Smart Slicer

Chopping board & knife in one

Fridge FriendFridge Friend
Fridge Friend

Extend food life for up to 3X longer

Access All AreasAccess All Areas
Access All Areas

Food safe silicone cleaning brushes

Miracle MeltMiracle Melt
Miracle Melt

Defrost food TEN TIMES faster!

Knife SharpenerKnife Sharpener
Knife Sharpener

Every one knows that sharp knives are safe knives. The best cooks keep their knives razor sharp all the time.

Ocean SaversOcean Savers
Ocean Savers

Be part of the solution to single-use plastic

Forever Towel (2 Pack)Forever Towel (2 Pack)
Forever Towel

The eco-friendly alternative to kitchen roll

Hob HeroHob Hero
Hob Hero

No more pot-watching when boiling pasta, rice or potatoes

Fresher For Longer BagsFresher For Longer Bags
Fresher For Longer Bags

Cut food waste and save money!

Seal 'n' SaveSeal 'n' Save
Seal 'n' Save

Stop waste, save money, keep food fresh

Cook's CompanionCook's Companion
Cook's Companion

Cook and bake without the mess with Cooks Companion!

Easy PrepEasy Prep
Easy Prep

Food Prep Made Easy!