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Annual Consumer Choice Awards 2022!

These annual awards recognise the very best in invention, innovations and ingenuity and are YOUR chance to have YOUR say!

Which of our products have really made a difference in your life this year?

Which product can't you be without?

Which has saved you the most money?

Simply vote for one product in each of the 9 categories. Please only vote once.

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The Mightiest Money Saver Award
Recognising the product that has saved customers the most money
Fresher For Longer Bags
Cut food waste and save money!
Pipe Pal Plus
Unblock drains in seconds without chemicals
Forever Towel
The eco-friendly alternative to kitchen roll
Seal 'n' Save
Stop waste, save money, keep food fresh
The Conscious Choice Award
The product that’s had the biggest positive impact on the environment
Fresh Discs
Keep food fresher for longer
Ocean Savers
Be part of the solution to single-use plastic
Fresh Lock Lids
Keep food fresh and banish single-use plastic
No More Wipes: The eco-friendly alternative
The Handiest Household Helper Award
Recognising the gadget or gizmo that’s most useful to have around the house
Wipe Away Antibacterial Cloths
Proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria with just plain water
Magic Mop
The FIRST Self-Wringing Mop!
Easy Clean 360
Take the hard work out of cleaning
Bowl Buddy
The Toilet Brush. Re-Invented.
The Cleaning Champion Award
Spotlighting the product that takes spin ‘n’ span to the next level
Mould Magic
Banish mould from your home
Clean inside & behind your radiators
Fur Friend
The last lint brush you'll ever buy
Nanna's Secret
Natural cleaning clay for all hard surfaces
The Customer Top Rated Award
The product that received the most 5 star ratings on Trustpilot in 2021
This award will be decided based on Trustpilot customer review data
The Chefs Choice Award
The product that aspiring and professional chefs alike must-have in their kitchen
Diamond Chef
Healthier cooking. Better taste.
Smart Slicer
Chopping board & knife in one
Easy Prep
Food Prep Made Easy!
Cook's Companion
Cook and bake without the mess with Cooks Companion!
The Storage Superhero Award
The best clutter-clearer to take your organisation up a notch
Smart Space 66L
Beautiful, Strong & Stackable Storage
Battery Buddy
ALL your batteries, organised. At last!
Door Store
Create storage in unused space
Dress Up!
All your jewellery in one place
Unsung Hero Award
Throwing the spotlight on a most-loved product that’s often forgotten
A Pinkredible solution to stubborn mess
The Dust Detective
Seeking out dust ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE!
Bye Bye Bobbles!
Save money, saving your clothes
Super Scraper
An indispensable cleaning companion
The Can't Live Without Award
Paying tribute to the product that is a must-have in your life
Data Defender
Protect your identity - Don't be the next victim!
Space Makers
Triple your wardrobe space in seconds
Nanna's Secret
Natural cleaning clay for all hard surfaces
18 Different Positions - Adjusts in seconds to suit YOU!
The Greatest Discovery Award
Overall winner: The best new product of the year
Clever Cushion
Viewing comfort in any position
Honeycomb Heaven
Now you can sit ALL day long in TOTAL comfort
Better Brush
Clean up everything, anywhere, better than ever!
Savvy Shoppers
Instantly double your carrying capacity

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